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Vehicle Maintenance

One of the most important aspects to owning a diesel is keeping up on basic maintenance. There are many complex systems that need to work hand in hand with each other in order to have a smooth running, long lasting truck. Whether you are going on a road trip or entering the busy season at work, making sure that your truck is ready is crucial. We regularly perform pre-purchase inspections as well. Nothing is worse than purchasing a new-to-you truck and it needing thousands of dollars in repairs. 



What's the use of a truck that makes 1,000+ foot/pounds of torque if it can't properly put it to the ground? Everyone knows the astronomical amount of power these engines can make with simple bolt-ons, but some don't think about how to use it. A stout transmission is crucial in putting that power to the wheels. In factory form, a lot of diesel transmissions just aren't up to the task. We pride ourselves on building stout Allison 5/6 speeds and 68RFEs in house, while using reputable and proven companies in the diesel business for the rest.


Fuel Systems

The most crucial component to a diesel engine is the fuel system. Without properly working injectors or injection pump, your truck will never be as efficient or reliable as diesels are known to be. Have you noticed that your truck isn't running quite as smooth as it once did? Do you notice more of a smell at idle or hazing out of the exhaust pipe? These can be signs of fuel injection system issues, and if not addressed can result in further fuel system problems or even engine failure.


Suspension and Steering

Having a 7,000 pound truck wandering down the road isn't a good time. Neither is burning through a set of $1,500 tires in 20,000 miles. If you have loose tie rods, a blown out ball joint, or floaty shocks, we can take care of it. Whether you are taking the family up north for the weekend with a boat in tow, or making sure that your equipment can make it reliably from job to job, suspension and steering components play a key role in this.


Emission Components

Truck manufactures have had to evolve in order to keep up with new stringent emission requirements, but have no worries, so have we. Rock Diesel takes pride in understanding and properly repairing emission related components. The most common issue we see with emission system problems stem from miseducation. Most emission system repairs are under $1,000 but undiagnosed and misdiagnosed problems can become much larger issues in a hurry. 


Engine Repairs

Like all engines, diesels are still susceptible to various part failures. Oil leaks, coolant leaks, turbocharger failures, head gasket failures, and even engine failures can and do happen. These jobs can be long and tedious, more than the average shop can handle. This is where we shine. The peace of mind knowing that components were reinstalled in the proper places, wiring was routed correctly, and the job was done right is priceless. Rock Diesel is here to help get your truck back on the road regardless of the repair, from big to small.  

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